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At Miami to Key West Bus, we've done our best to create a Web site that anticipates and satisfies our customers' needs. With that goal in mind, we've compiled a list of frequently asked questions. If you do not find an answer to your question here, contact us at (305) 423-9045 or info@miamitokeywestbus.com.


How will the bus picking me up look like? 
Miami to Key West service will be provided by "XCURSIONS USA"  and buses will have these markings on the sides.
At what time bus departs from Miami?
Bus departs from Downtown Miami around 7:45AM / 8:00 AM

Why my pick up time it is earlier than 7:45 AM?
We offer complementary pick up from hotels located within Miami Beach and Downtown Miami depending on the location we will pick up at different times and once everybody is with us we will depart around 7:45AM / 8:00 AM
(we may use more than one vehicle to collect passengers and they may need to transfer to main traveling bus)

Where is the main departure terminal in Miami?
Bayside Marketplace 401 Biscayne Blvd. Miami, FL. 33132 at the main entrance by the flags (Bus stop is located right in front of the "GUESS" Store)

At what time bus departs from Key West?
Bus will depart from Key West at 5:30PM however passengers are requested to be boarding the bus at 5:20 PM

At what time bus will arrive to Key West?
Depending on traffic conditions will be a 4 hours period “3.5 Hours Drive + .5 Hours Bus Stop for Breakfast (Not Included)” arrival time will be around 12:00PM.

At what time bus will arrive back to Miami?
Depending on traffic conditions will be a 4 hours period arrival time will be around 10:00PM.

Where is the Drop Off / Pick Up Point in Key West?
The Drop Off / Pick Up Point in Key West is Across the street from Flagler Station; Bus Stop located at 908 Caroline Street, Key West, FL. 

Do i need to print any vouchers or documents?
No, a printed receipt is not necessary to board the bus. All you need is to show up on the designated pick up point at the right time and when bus arrives give your name to the driver, just that easy.

Can i bring food or drink on board?
No. Food or Drink are not allowed on board of Motor Coach however you may bring water in bottles only. Bus will have a stop for breakfast along the way to Key West (Not included).
Is there a restroom on the bus?
Yes, however the restroom on board is only for liquids. We discourage passengers from using the restroom for solids, liquid deposits only will keep the restroom fresh.  A trashcan is available in the restroom and ALL hygiene products must be disposed of in the trash can. (Passenger will be responsible for cleaning out any foreign objects (et. cans, bottles, etc.) or pay an extra charge.
Can i request Front Seats on the bus?
Yes, however there is a charge of $20 cash per seat at the time of boarding, once you request it we will add a note for the tour guide and you will have priority upon boarding the bus. (We do not guarantee the availability until time of boarding)
How late can i reserve my trip?
You may reserve it just 12 hours before departure however any reservation made with less than 24 hours in advance must call in to reconfirm before 11:00PM the night before the trip.
How should i dress?
Dress comfortable and don’t forget your swimsuit.
What should i bring? 
A few importants items will be: Camera, Towel, Sun lotions, Swimsuit, Bottle of Water.
In case of cancellations for bad weather will i get a refund?
Definitely, if we cancel our trip or any of the activities in Key West you will get a full refund or a partial refund for the cancelled part of the tour only. (For Activities in Key West the difference is calculated from the full prices and not from the sale offer price).
Infants under 2 years that ride free will get a seat?
No, child will have to travel on parent’s lap unless there are empty seats left on board.
What is the cancellation policy?
All online sales are final, no cancellation refunds are offered, only reschedules by calling or emailing at least 48 Hours in advance. (Subject to availability).
If i don't show up on the right date, time and place will i be able to reschedule at a later time?
No, you will loose the trip and will need to purchase a new one ir order to go on another date or trip.
If i want to change the type of trip will i be able to do it paying the difference?
Definitely, however there will be a $25.00 minimun Fee per person, and must be done at least 24 hours prior to the service date. (Subject to availability).
Is SMOKING allowed on board?
Smoking is NEVER Allowed on board, including the restroom at any time.  We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at anytime that disregards this rule. This is not just a company policy, it is a FEDERAL LAW.
What about lost items?
We are not responsible for items left / lost in the vehicles.

Is there Wi-Fi on the Bus?
Only on the buses traveling to Key West we offer complementary Wi-Fi, however due to the nature of the service there may be interruptions along the way as electronic devices may fail or get low signal and is not under our control.
How Big is the bus traveling to Key West?
The buses that travel to Key West are 59 Passengers, air conditioned motorcoaches with restroom on board.

Can i bring luggage on the bus traveling to Key West?
Yes Sure!!! Our buses have a large luggage compartment, However please limit it to 2 pieces per person.